Oh ya'know, just anything and everything to do with beautiful Mr Lee.

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    omg you guYS REMEMBER THIS???

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    i’m going to miss them as 5. i’m going to miss hearing joon’s voice. this was one of their best performances imo

    This was quite predictable...


    Poor management, lack of success, new rookie group, enlistment approaching, end of contract, acting as a dream…


    It was pretty obvious this was likely to happen, but I didn’t want to believe it. It doesn’t stop me from being sad. MBLAQ was my first k-group. I was first an A+, and I still am….

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    they tell ot5 that 2 are off to the army. someone then suggests the thunder-joon-mir trio wouldn’t work without main and sub vocal

    thunder: “what do i do for two years then? do you know how long i’ve suppressed my anger jtc? wtf guys why am i wasting my life and talent”
    lee joon: "i have dramas i could be doing and movies to film during this time but you guys keep turning them down and only accept them when you want, am i your atm machine?  i want to focus on acting but having the label of ‘idol’ actor creates a stigma and i don’t want that. i think this would be the best time for me to leave. being an idol isn’t forever anyway and everyone knows i’ve always wanted to act"
    g.o: "wow that’s abit selfish, as expected from you though"
    lee joon: "u wot m8??? you know i think of you as a brother this isn’t.."
    seungho: “ok let’s calm down guys”
    mir: ….
    lee joon: “i’m out of here. i can’t deal with your shit management anymore, we all deserve better”
    jtc: “alright how about you stay if we give you more money than the other members? you’re our powerhouse and we know we’re bankrupt without you. we can’t fund madtown without you pls stay master we need your money”

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    Update 2: J.Tune Camp explained G.O’s comments on Twitter in a phone interview with a local news source, “It seems he felt disappointed since they got along like brothers.” The agency dismissed rumors of discord within the group, describing how Lee Joon himself had also asked the agency, “What happened?”, when news of his withdrawal from the group first came out. J.Tune Camp explained, “If rumors of discord were true, it would have been difficult to proceed with the November concerts.”

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    A+ fandom hug <3 Pass it on

    i hope the best for our blaqies in the future <3

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    I’ll miss you Joon. You are the reason I know MBLAQ exists. I’ll miss seeing you with the other members, but I love you no less and I’ll support you no matter what.

    It’s been a good run buddy.


    "if we’re five people, i cannot live." - yang seungho

    what a year it’s been for all of us. A+, the fandom everyone thought was untouchable, have been hit with tragic news that our happy virus lee joon has withdrawed from MBLAQ. we all have so many feelings we don’t know how to express right now, but through all this pain, we can’t let him leave without wishing him all the best. joon wanted to initially be an actor but rain put him in MBLAQ, saying that he saw the potential. whether you support his decision or not, please don’t forget that this is his dream.

    thank you for five years of outstanding talent, lee chang sun. here’s to a prosperous acting career. i love you.

    i’m really going to miss seeing joon’s singing and dancing.
    he wasn’t the main vocal and wasn’t the sub either but his voice was beautiful. no one could match joon’s versatility when it came to dance either, he stood out on stage because of his energy and charisma. he could go from street to ballet effortlessly. i’m going to miss that thrill of seeing him on stage.

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